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In this talk, Chris Silvers presents thoughts on the technological skills gap from his perspective in the information security industry, in which the gap is causing problems right now. He will overview resources and techniques available to help you on your journey to closing the skills gap in your field, positioning yourself as a valuable member of your community.

Chris Silvers, a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has an MBA from Georgia State University and almost two decades of information security and risk management experience. As an advocate of lifelong learning, he has earned numerous security certifications in the past twenty years.

Chris began his information security career while working in the Federal Reserve System. In addition to creating a nation-wide penetration testing group, he lead the incident response team for the Atlanta district. After working in the information security field, Chris founded his own company, C G Silvers Consulting, in 2014.

Chris has developed and taught a wide variety of technical security and information security courses for various clients and security conferences. He also runs Open Source Intelligence CTFs at security conferences and speaks at community events about the importance of security to those outside the security industry.

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