Chevron Painting Technique by Lowe's Home Improvement   8 years ago

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Get on trend with some high-style chevron stripes. Watch this simple step-by-step explanation to paint your own chevron stripes!

Start by plotting the points that will be your peaks 10 inches apart. Use a level to measure and mark. Plot the next rows 10 inches below the row above. Mark your valleys 10 inches down and 5 inches from each peak point. do this for each row.

Tape off your pattern on the outside of your stripe, peak to valley, valley to peak.

Burnish the edges of the tape. Dab some paint inside the stripes to keep you from getting confused about which color to paint. Use your base coat color to seal the edges of the paint. Paint your stripes, let them dry and peel away the paint to reveal your chevron stripes.

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