The Claudia Quintet - Misty Hymen by Cuneiform Records   7 years ago

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"Misty Hymen" by The Claudia Quintet from the album 'I, Claudia' (Cuneiform Records).

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Album Personnel:
John Hollenbeck - Drums, Composition
Drew Gress - Acoustic Bass
Matt Moran - Vibraphone, Percussion
Chris Speed - Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Ted Reichman - Accordion

The 2nd release by this sensational 'jazz and beyond' ensemble. Their music, while clearly influenced by the jazz idiom, goes far beyond jazz, and many parts of this record have more in common with musicians such as L'Ensemble Raye, Hamster Theatre, Nimal, Von Zamla and others. This album demonstrates that "Innovative jazz does not have to be harsh, angry, loud, shrill or grating; it can be delicate, witty, ethereal and radiantly lyric, as the Claudia Quintet pointed out..." [Chicago Tribune].

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