SWMRS: Palm Trees [OFFICIAL VIDEO] by Fueled By Ramen   2 years ago

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SWMRS official music video for the song 'Palm Trees' from the debut record Drive North - available now on iTunes: http://flyt.it/DriveNorth

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Director: Cole Becker
Producer: Wes Teshome
Production Coordinator: Austin Gomez
Editor: Tom Hohle

You come from pride in show
In that little town you know
You said you wanted more
So your mama said let’s go
Sarah smiles in denial
Sarah, Sarah you got no way to go
To the top
There's a rich man with a spray tan
In a new suit he wants you
Thinks you could be great again
He’ll broker the deal too
If you can abandon your standards and soul
He'll buy you a lawyer and chopper you up to the top
You run from door to door
Until they tell you they want more
You sing their stupid song
And you smile because it's a chore
Privilege, power, darkest hour
Vision, malice, a crook, a coward
Fashion forward, fucks you over
Trap you, abuse you, for a small fee he owns you

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