What You Don’t REALIZE About Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving Signing With The Nets (Ft. NBA Free Agency) by MJ2KALLDAY   8 months ago

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Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving went to the Brooklyn Nets in this crazy NBA Free Agency, but there’s more to this Durant and Kyrie signing for the Nets. #NBA #Durant #Kyrie
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The bromance was real the whole time, Kyrie and KD. Kevin Durant is signing a 4 year $164 million dollar deal and Kyrie Irving signed a 4 year $141 million dollar deal. The Knicks just got finessed. But the Nets have more than just those two and with Deandre on the way, let’s break all this down including their problems.

The Brooklyn Nets had planned to have major cap space in the 2019 free agency which led them to have $68 million dollars in cap space for this scenario to happen. With Durant and Kyrie signing that uses up all their current cap space without getting rid of any of the players they currently have. That means the Nets are in a far better situation than the Lakers who besides LeBron and AD, have one really good budding star in Kyle Kuzma. The Nets have a whole playoff roster that is young. Spencer Dinwiddie who just averaged 16.8 points and 4.6 assists while playing the 6th man role, which is the role he would be playing again now that they have Kyrie Irving. Deandre Jordan is on the way whom I will talk about, you also have the young fro who’s been blocking everyone in Jarrett Allen. He’s not your stretch big man, he’s your old school big man that dominates the paint, averaging 10.9 points and 8.4 rebounds in 26 minutes of play last season. And get this, he’s only 20. He’s got room to improve and grow from here. When it comes to defense, he’s averaging 1.6 blocks a game, but more importantly, he’s impacting shots. Now you might not know Joe Harris, but he’s the guy who the 3 point contest this year so let me reintroduce him. Meet Joe Harris, the guy that shot over 47% from 3 this season. He’s a 6’ 6” knockdown shooter that provides great floor spacing. There’s not much more to Joe Harris’s game beside 3 point shooting, but he’s so good at it and in this type of roster, you need guys to have defined roles and so there you go. He’s also 27 years old. Caris LeVert returned from injury this year after being a solid role players playing both the 2 and the 3. I see him as a guy who’s just a solid role player who can handle the ball and create his own shot. On top of that, you have Deandre Jordan, a former member of lob city, you know when he did this to Brandon Knight. Just last season, he averaged 11 points and 13.1 rebounds per game which was the 3rd highest in the league. And him and KD are close which is good for team chemistry.

Everything looks great right? Yeah, but let’s talk about Kyrie and KD because if we talking about a dynasty, we need to talk about these 3 and the potential problems the Nets have. Kevin Durant is 30 years old coming off a ruptured achilles. We honestly don’t know what we are gonna get from KD. Is he gonna come back and be that dominant guy we saw in the playoffs, giving you 35 a night? He will also sit out the next season meaning we are going to see Durant back when he’s 32. From that moment on, he’s going to have 3 years left on that contract. 32 is an age many players begin to slow down, but with the new age of medicine, it seems that players are playing at a higher level for longer. We’ve also seen the greats like Jordan and LeBron be extremely effective and dominant to the age of 35. I don’t think there are any questions on Kyrie being effective till the age of 31. He’s 27 right now and about to really head into his prime. I think people forget just how good Kyrie is. In the 2016 NBA Finals, Kyrie averaged 27 points while playing alongside LeBron and hitting the shot. He just averaged 24.4 A pairing of him and Durant seems interesting because Kyrie wanted a team to be his team and Durant wanted to have his rings mean more. There is however injury history with Kyrie and his knees. He got injured in the 2015 NBA Finals and in 2018, he was sidelined with a knee injury for the entire playoffs. Both KD and Kyrie are the two superstars that make the Nets this championship team, but both are question marks in terms of health. On top of that, the Nets have no real power forward. That would leave Durant at the 4, but that wouldn’t be the best spot for Durant who’s best position is the 3. That’s something that can be answered next free agency with the free cap they have.

So yeah, we look at these signings and we go crazy because Irving and Durant are actually together, but choosing to go to Brooklyn was a smart choice because the structure and pieces they already have are meant to last for years. There are still some questions to be answered on health and their power forward spot, but I mean, the Nets somehow accomplished the impossible and did a rebuild with no draft picks. But what do you think? Who’s winning the 2020 NBA championship?

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