What Happened to Mario!?!? | (Mario) The Music Box #3 by SunFIRE   3 months ago

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Hope you liked it ^^
Btw, a fun thing that happened: i recorded a video about this game before and the video corrupted. that means that i needed to play the game again from the beginning and record again.. :)

- Intel® Core™ i5 3470 3.6 GHZ (Turbo)
- 8 GB RAM 1600 MHZ
- Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB GDDR5
- HD 1TB
- Windows 10 PRO

Programs that i use

Nvidia shadowplay
Sony Vegas PRO 16
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018

Please note that this is a 13+ game! It contains:
Depictions of cannibalism, Assault and Murder, Death/Suicide and Gore

Download: https://ari-games.com/download.html

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