The Hidden Meaning in Spider-Man: Homecoming – Earthling Cinema by Wisecrack   9 months ago

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What if an alien in the future stumbled upon Jon Watts' Spider-man Homecoming? Welcome to Earthling Cinema, where we examine the last remaining artifacts of a once-proud culture and try to understand what human lives were like before their planet was destroyed. I'm your host, Garyx Wormuloid.

This week's film:
Spider-man Homecoming (2017)
Stars: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Zendaya
Director: Jon Watts
Production Co: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios

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Written by: AJ Unitas and Amanda Scherker
Directed by: Jared Bauer
Starring: Mark Schroeder (
Edited by: Ryan Hailey (
Original Music by: David Krystal (
Opening Animation by: Danny Rapaport
Produced by: Jacob S. Salamon and Emily Dunbar

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