Delta Tail Betta Fish in Planted Nano Tank by Aqua Kri   2 years ago

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The Fish in the video is a Red Delta Tail Betta Fish, this planted tank was set up 7 weeks back & was being cycled, the live plants have started to grow well now after being effected by black beard algae. I used Plant substrate, driftwood, live plants, sponge filter & a LED light, the tank is just under 5 gallon. The lights are 'on' for about 4 to 5 hours everyday. I use aquarium plant fertilizer like API CO 2 booster & Flourish on this tank, which help with essential minerals & CO 2 required for planted tanks. I follow 25% water change weekly on all nano tanks. In case you are interested in Betta fish care & water parameters, the information below will help you.

Tank size - for planted tanks 5 gallon or bigger
Aquarium Filter - Sponge filter or Hang on back aquarium filter works well in planted tanks, the water movement should be minimal as these fish are not strong swimmers.
Aquarium Lighting - I choose plants which do fine with low light, low fertilizer requirement for my Nano Aquariums.
Water parameter's -
pH is around neutral 7
Temperature is 78 to 80 degree Fahrenheit (25.5 to 26.6 degree Celsius)
Water hardness is maintain around 60 ppm

On this set up I have not added Indian Almond lead, however its a good habit to add Indian Almond Leaf to Betta fish tanks or fish which prefer acidic water conditions in their aquarium.

Food - I feed varied food twice a day which includes pellets, live blood worms, freeze dried worms, I have not fed cucumber to this fish however feeding them occasionally green peas & cucumber is good for this fish.

If you have any question's leave a comment & I will try to help you with what I know. Thank for watching the video, I hope you enjoyed it.

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