Exploring the Best Spots on Great Harbour Cay with a Local!! by Tula's Endless Summer   8 months ago

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Great Harbor Cay was a great place to check in to the Bahamas and spend a few days getting into the rhythm of island life. We had a great time exploring the North side of Great Harbor Cay with Frenchie. Check out Frenchie's Facebook page about Great Harbor Cay Life https://web.facebook.com/Great-Harbour-Cay-Life-538138552897749/ It was time to depart Great Harbor Cat marine and sail around the North end by Stirrup Cay and around to the deep blue water on the East side of the Berry Islands. We speared a few fish for dinner and practice blowing the conch horn!! We highly recommend Great Harbor Cay Marina http://bit.ly/GreatHarborCayMarina if you are looking for a nice marina in the Berry Islands and/or if you are thinking of checking in on Great Harbor Cay!

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