Jigging Tips for Walleye on the Rocks by Thundermist Lures   4 years ago

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It's a great, but cold day out here on the water. We're rigged up with Flexi-Jigs and fishing along the rocky bottom for walleye!

What we're going to be doing today, is running a chartreuse flexi jig baited up an artificial minnow-type bait. Since there is no weed in this area, we're casting out as far as we can, and bouncing the jigs in towards the boat.

For fishing line, we're using 10lb test braided line off of a 10lb test fluorocarbon leader, on a medium heavy rod. A great combination for jigging!

The thinner braided line helps me get nice long casts in, and the medium heavy rod really helps with those hooksets.

For jigging technique, we're not jigging hard, but rather giving it a slow lift up, and a slow lift back down. This slower jigging technique I find to be more effective in the colder spring water, specifically targeting the pre-spawn bite.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin'!

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