Analyzing the Chords from George Harrison's "Something" - Perfect Progressions #2 by Signals Music Studio   4 months ago

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Chord Chart PDF at my Patreon: This is the second chord analysis video I've done, the first being Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man", which was also conveniently in C and contains many similar elements to this progression. One bit of music theory and composition I forgot to mention in this video is the lovely movements that occur within the Eb-G/D-C change. In addition to the borrowed chord interpretation, there is a lot analyze just with the moving voices. The beginning of this song is essentially the bass playing down the notes of the C Minor scale beginning from the 4th (F, Eb, D, C), yet our song is firmly in the key of C Major. In addition, the change from Eb to G/D gives nice contrary motion, with the high Eb resolving down a halfstep to D, while Bb resolves upward a halfstep to B, before the conclusion to C Major.

If you're rusty on your theory, here are the videos you would need to know in order to make sense of this video-
Diatonic Major Chords:
Diatonic Minor Chords:
Secondary Dominants:
Borrowed Chords:

Here's the PDF for reharmonizing line cliche's courtesy of Berkelee:

The Kokomo video I mentioned:

Please check my friends Roger and Dan at GTR Gurus especially if you were looking for custom guitars or luthier work done. They're really nice guys and provided me with the beautiful acoustic guitar I used for this video. I'm releasing an acoustic fingerstyle piece soon and will be using this guitar to record it.

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