I Went Metal Detecting Underwater and You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Scuba Diving Challenge) by Kill'em   4 months ago

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I went metal detecting underwater & you won’t believe what I found! I call this the scuba diving challenge and this consists of going scubadiving while under water on a treasure hunt and seeing what mystery box I found. Treasure hunting is so much fun, but what happens if you take a metal detector as a scuba diver and swim underwater? Let’s find out together!

► I Made the Worlds First Hoverboard That Actually Floats & You Won’t Believe How…
► I Was Scammed out of $1300 & It Could Happen to You *NOT CLICKBAIT*
► I Got in the Back of a Random Van & Where I Ended up Was Unbelievable…
► I Went Camping in a Floating Tent on a Lake & It Was Fun Until This Happened…
► I Bought a $1500 Safe at an Auction & You Won’t Believe What I Found…

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