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10 Most Advanced Robots In The World You Won't Believe Exist

You will see that robots are really advanced smart and are not far to be as smart as humans. Science fiction is becoming reality.
The day were robots will outsmart humans is not that far. It will be incredible. Robots already have been highly involved in our manufacturing settings but every year the robot advancements have been evolving quickly. Humanoid robots made a lot of progress these recents years. Some of these humanoid robots will work in the tertiary sector and other will be war robots . Some military robots are terrifying. We are not that far from a terminator scenario.
These robots are reshaping the world. They are autonomous and smart enough to do some basics stuff.
Here is the most advanced robots in the world and you did not knew they existed . It's incredible that they already exist .

10 - HRP 4- Robot
A robot that dance and can recognize its environment
9 - Valkyrie from NASA
A robot that will go to mars. A pure terminator robot too.
8 - Spot Mini from Boston Dynamics
The most advanced robot animal in the world.
7 - Atlas from Boston Dynamic
A very powerful robot that can do back flip and more
6 - Asimo from Honda
A very advanced robot.This is the future family robot every
family can dream of
5 - Kengoro
The first robot that can sweat
4 - Erica
This humanoid robot will work as a tv anchor news in april
3 - Fedor
A true war robot that can shoot.
2 - Jia Jia
The most beautiful humanoid robot ever created by humans
1 - Sophia
Robot Sophia is the most advanced humanoid of all.She has
guts and a lot of personality. Robot Sophia became famous for
saying that she want to destroy humans. But since, Sophia
improved a lot. Now she want to help humans.
In this documentary about artificial intelligence,we ask you this question: Are robots a danger or an opportunity for us ?

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