Fears and dreams. | Dimitar Kalburov | TEDxPlovdiv by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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A story about a former footballer, blogger and storyteller. A story about dreams and goals changing

Dimitar Khalburov or the modern fairy-tale writer ...
It is interesting to introduce you how our hero, from TEDx's story, has attracted our attention.
He is a former footballer, blogger, and one of the most popular storytellers in the "Fairy Tales" form. His debut novel is "Shit". It's a fun story about everything a person is subjected to in the name of love and sex. "Do you remember" is the second book of Autor, for which the following speaker:
"In the book of papers and two sentences, I will try to show you an idiot. That's what we're going to do ... what we're doing for the road ... we're the best ... we just want to know what we're doing. "

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