Creating nanomedicine with the crowd | Sabine Hauert | TEDxWarwick by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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Dr. Sabine Hauert is a Swarm Engineer at the University of Bristol and Bristol Robotics Laboratory, where she designs swarms of nanobots for biomedical applications.

Swarm strategies are either inspired from nature or are automatically designed using machine learning and crowdsourcing. Sabine has designed swarms of nanoparticles for cancer treatment at MIT and deployed large aerial swarms for use as communication relays at EPFL. Her work has been featured in mainstream media including The Economist, CNN, and New Scientist.

Sabine is passionate about science communication and, as well as having produced award-winning videos viewed over 250,000 times, is the Co-founder and President of Robohub, a non-profit dedicated to connecting the robotics community to the rest of the world - Robohub already features over 1000 blog posts and 1.5 million podcast downloads!

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