Photoshop: How To Make SMOOTH CUT OUTS! Remove Backgrounds with Vector Masks by Photoshop Training Channel   10 months ago

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create smooth cut outs in Photoshop!

We will work on three projects where we will remove the background from a photo.

First, we will work on a basic example, and we will increase the complexity as we move forward.

The goal of this tutorial is to show you how you can get clean, smooth, and well-defined edges on your cutouts with Vector Masks.

📘 INDEX - Using Photoshop Vector Masks For Smooth Cut Outs

01:53 - Example 01 - Making a Smooth Selections With Vectors
05:54 - Example 02 - Cutting Out Backgrounds With Vector Masks
12:10 - Example 03 - Using Vector Masks on People and Hair


Advanced Hair Selection in Photoshop

Select and Mask Fully Explained

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