Kendrick Lamar - Cartoons & Cereal ft. Gunplay (Music Video) by Josh Forman   7 years ago

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Kendrick Lamar ft. Gunplay "Cartoons & Cereal"
Edited by Josh Forman
IG @JoshForman24

(Viewer Discretion Advised to people with Photosensitive Epilepsy)

Story behind the making of this video:
During my senior year Kendrick dropped this #cartoonsandcereal track and everyone was buzzing about it. I remember going home that night and having the track on repeat. When I went to sleep I had listened to the song so many damn times and I had a crazy dream where I sat down in my living room, turned on the tv and this music video was playing with a gang of different cartoons that were mouthing the lyrics. I didn't know that much about editing - was going to be a graphic design major at the time, but when I woke up the next morning my mind was set - I’m making this video. The rest of my senior year revolved around finishing the video and the time I spent on it was insane. I used to pretend to take notes in my academic classes on my computer and be secretly editing or "doing research" and watching cartoons. Not to mention the countless nights of no sleep. When the video came out it was getting a pretty good reaction until one morning I woke up with over 200 emails - all YouTube comments saying "Kendrick sent me here!" Turns out K-Dot posted my video on Facebook and shouted me out. A week before goodkid, mAAdcity came out he did two consecutive shows at ClubNokia - I went to the second one solo dolo and stuck around after the show convinced I would meet K-Dot or score a job lol. Never met kendrick, but I remember meeting MixedByAli and Jay Rock who showed love and told me they fucked with the video. Since then been hustling and turning this into a career. Even though I don't make any profit off this video, I want to redo it one day when I get my funds up to better fit the vision that I originally had for it. Appreciate yall to be continued


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