Mengu09 vs kanister $1 000 000 Grand Final Mythic Invitational MTG Arena Tournament 2019 by Magic Arena Pro   7 months ago

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Mengu09 vs kanister Grand Final Mythic Invitational VOD MTG Magic Arena Tournament 2019 $1 000 000 VOD Bo3 MTGA Magic the Gathering: Arena #MTGArena ❤️ Subscribe for more:

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Mythic Invitational MTG Arena $1 000 000 Tournament 2019 - First Big Tournament of Magic Arena 2019.
The Mythic Invitational will feature double-elimination play through all days of the tournament, including Sunday, and feature a brand-new format we are calling Duo Standard.

Players will be competing for $1 million total, including $250,000 for winning the whole thing!

Payouts for the Mythic Invitational will break down like this:
1st $250,000
2nd $125,000
3rd $70,000
4th $45,000
5th–16th $12,500
17th–64th $7,500

Andrea Mengucci Mengu09 - Italy's Magic Superstar
The most successful Italian player of all time shows no sign of slowing down. Andrea Mengucci understands that to thrive at the top, he must remain passionate about the game—immersing himself in a wide range of formats including Legacy and Cube. But Magic is just one of Mengucci's interests; he also holds a law degree and loves cooking.

Piotr Glogowski kanister - Keeping Opponents on Lockdown
The youngest pro in the MPL grew in popularity as a streamer and a player due in part to his affinity for messing around with wonky decks. But it wasn't the joke decks that propelled Piotr Głogowski through deep runs on the tournament circuit. He's a crack-shot player who aims to bring the best deck to the table, including a lot of lockdown prison decks, and pilot it better than his opponents.

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