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Compilation of Claudia Winkleman on Would I Lie to You?
00:05 - This is my pet cat from when I was little, and my dad had her stuffed for me when she died.
02:02 - This is Yoshi. I recently took him to the vet, because I thought he was depressed.
05:26 - I wrote to Jim'll Fix it asking to meet ABBA. They wrote back offering the chance to see how the blue bits were made in cheese.
07:40 - When I meet someone for the very first time, I automatically make a mental note of what animal I think they are. Once it's in, I never forget it.
11:05 - I once put nail polish remover in my fish tank to give my goldfish more energy.
14:32 - This is Tony. He's my builder, He drove for over an hour to come to my house to fix my TV, and it turned out all I needed to do was change the batteries in my remote control.

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