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Starving for 8 days straight without access to clean water or Chef Boyardee mini ravioli and hopelessly lost within the desert, a ruthless pker down on his luck with the rng ventures into a cavern unknown to him in search of wealth and some of that ravioli. As he enters the cave, on the far reaches of the Fremmenik Isles, he's met with a fierce snow leopard guarding a treasure trove of riches. A battle ensues between the two. Although a normally easy foe, the pker becomes overpowered by the leopard due to malnutrition. On the edge of death, the man notices a large splinter in the paw of the mountain creature and decides to pull it out. Finding the root of the problem, the feline quickly loses its rage, and becomes rather friendly. The two split a can of ravioli found atop the treasure, and after a family fun night of board games the pker leaves with some of the treasure intact, and travels to Bounty Hunter where he intends to skin the corpses of his enemies and bring their skin as an offering to the snow leopard on his next trip to the Fremmenik Isles

Stats in vid: flOf
90-91 Combat
60 Attack
95-97 Strength
42 Defense
99 Ranged/Magic
52 Prayer
94-95 HP

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Planisphere - Festive and Peaceless


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