6 Tips for Raising Girls by La Guardia Cross   6 months ago

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I've been a father for 3.5 years if you count pregnancy. I've learned a lot from raising 2 girls, so I wanted to share that knowledge with all of you. These are my 6 tips for raising girls under 3 years old. These tips can also apply to girls over the age of 3 and also boys.

Btw, pregnancy is the easiest part of fatherhood. Also, I'm not qualified to tell you how to raise your kids.

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My name's La Guardia Cross. I make music, art, film, and I co-created 2 baby girls with my wife, Leah.

New Father Chronicles began in November of 2014 when my daughter Amalah was 1-week-old. I had no idea what I was doing, so I decided to chronicle my journey on YouTube and make fun of myself along the way. Our 2nd daughter, Nayely, was born in April of 2017.

My channel is filled with the silly adventures I have with my girls, infant and toddler interviews, my interpretations of their babble, silly skits, and the things I've learned or unlearned as a parent. Sometimes Leah and I mix it up a bit and share some pretty personal moments as well. Why? Well, we're far from perfect and we've learned a lot from our mistakes.

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