Kingdom Hearts Story Summary - What You Need to Know to Play Kingdom Hearts 3! by Suggestive Gaming   2 years ago

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Sora is about to battle Xehanort and Organization XIII, and you'll be there to experience it! But before then, we're here to help you fill in all the blanks in the Kingdom Hearts series' notoriously complex storyline. So here it is! Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far!

Please excuse some of the pronunciations, some of us aren't as versed in KH character names.

The topics are covered at the following times, for quick reference:

Kingdom Hearts χ - 00:13
Xehanort's Beginnings - 02:30
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - 03:33
Pre-Kingdom Hearts I - 06:24
Kingdom Hearts I - 07:41
Pre-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - 10:59
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - 12:00
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - 12:44
Kingdom Hearts II - 16:08
Kingdom Hearts Coded - 24:17
Blank Points - 26:18
Pre-Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - 26:55
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - 27:41
Pre-Kingdom Hearts III - 34:03

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to all the folks that helped make this video happen:

Blank Points footage was graciously provided by PoloGeist:

Also, thanks to the Kingdom Hearts Subreddit for helping me through these games.

All game footage captured and edited by Suggestive Gaming; please do not use without expressed permission.

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