TF2: The Medieval Mode Tier List UPDATE by Happy Happy Cultist   2 years ago

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It's been a very long process making this. Sorry for the wait, fellas.
First off, I no longer have access to Adobe Premiere. I told it to burn in Hell and now I'm stuck with iMovie. Second, I had to have a good friend of mine record all the footage for me since I'm inexplicably unable to record TF2 footage from OBS. On the bright side, the footage looks nicer. Third, I had a lot of constraints with my computer's storage being full. The end result is not as well edited as I'd like it to be, but then again the old video isn't exactly flashy with its edits.

Caravan - Stronghold Crusader
Old Ned - Ron Grainer
Monkey Dogfight - Super Monkey Ball 2 OST
Monkey Baseball Dome - Super Monkey Ball 2 OST
Dynamite Plant - Sonic the Fighters OST
Cheeki Breeki Hardbass Anthem - apartje. (Rest in peace ;_;7)
Banana Man - Tally Hall
Monkey Shot Beginner Stage - Super Monkey Ball 2 OST
Professor Sycamore's Theme - Pokémon X&Y OST
Erika - Waffen SS
Stix & Stones - Stronghold OST
Sandal Maker - Stronghold Crusader OST

Big thanks to my homeboy Ivan. Without him, this video wouldn't have been possible.

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