Film Theory: How Trump is Winning with Reality TV by The Film Theorists   3 years ago

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DISCLAIMER: This episode is in no way meant to comment on whether Trump (or anyone else running) would make a good President and whether or not you should vote for him. It's meant purely to assess the tactics used in his political campaign because I found it interesting. Any jokes made at his, or any other candidate's expense, are there purely for entertainment. There'll still be a ton of hate in the comments, but hey, at least I tried to head it off at the pass here :)

When you think of the 2016 Presidential campaign, one name comes to mind - TRUMP. Every day, news stories come out about his inflammatory comments, his stubborn, unapologetic debate strategy...and that's EXACTLY the way he wants it. Trump is no traditional politician; his tactics come from somewhere else, and that place is REALITY TV. Trump's long history in reality television has given him the perfect strategic edge in the political arena, and so far he's winning the game of political Survivor that is the 2016 presidential race.

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