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You think this is going to be about the actual game? NOPE Chuck Testa

Sonic and the gang have an argument over what color is the best, so Tails decides to hold a color quiz, and Sonic/Shadow/Silver/Knuckles compete for the best score. Who wins? Find out by watching the video!

Songs used during video
Sonic Colors Main Theme
Sonic Heroes: Hang Castle
Shadow's theme in Sonic X
SA2 It doesn't matter (instrumental)
SA2 Rouge's Theme
Mario Party 1 Chance Time
Mario Party 2 Chance Time

Tails: Me
Sonic & Knuckles:

Characters belong to SEGA
Heavy belongs to Valve
Music belongs to SEGA and Nintendo
Character personality parodies belong to Mardic
Special Thanks to Daniel Sessions, Addoria, and Mardic.


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