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Earlier in the year I got out to Inglewood in Loddon Shire where Ell Waste (Now Veolia) has the contract for Garbage, Green-Waste and Recycling. It was my first time checking out an Ell Waste contract properly and was hoping for some older stuff but I was apparently 5 - 6 months late for the good stuff.

Witnessing in the video we see the two trucks that do the collections within the shire with one usually taking control of the Garbage and the other on doing the Recycling. On this occasion however one of the drivers did a load of Garbage to ease up pressure on the main Garbage Truck and then come back to do all Recycling. What I did find interesting about these newer Accos was the chrome bumper bars which looked decent but didn't fancy me entirely. Loddon also uses a Blue lid/Dark Green Body combo for Commercial bins and your standard Red Lid/Dark Green combo for Residential.

A couple of years back Veolia bought out Ell Waste and it wasn't only till July 1 this year that the company fully rolled and no doubt this will see drastic changes in possible truck signage changes and obviously more Veolia equipment around the Ell Waste borders. I did spot a few Veolia Front Lift bins hitting the streets in the a few of their contracts and wouldn't surprise me if the trucks have been re branded.

Hope you all enjoy the action, thought I got more than what I actually got but I didn't... Cheers to the awesome drivers who filled me in about the contract and what not. I do have a more Ell Waste stuff on the way so stay tuned! Enjoy!!! ;) ;) ;)

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