"Kristabelle" - A Doll Stop Motion Movie by EverythingDolls   2 years ago

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In this doll stop motion movie, the only thing Kristabelle wants for Christmas is the newest, coolest, most fabulous, super special, limited edition, Gwendi doll, but it's sold out everywhere that even Santa can't get it! It's up to her parents to find it... but will they? Thanks for watching!

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This video is rated for a general audience. As animator and doll collector, fashion dolls are my choice models for my animations, videos and photographs. The dolls I use may be modified, customized, and do not represent the original product or it's target audience. This also applies to the handmade props, clothes, and other features used that are not intended for play. All music, sound effects, fonts, and typography in this video are fully licensed or royalty-free.

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"Kristabelle" - A Doll Stop Motion Movie

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