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Inspired by a mysterious French teacher, acclaimed harp player Remy van Kesteren found out that music is essentially about life, about telling a compelling story.

Remy van Kesteren started playing harp at the age 5 and spent a large part of his formative years with his instrument. After winning the largest International Harp Competition, Remy shares his story of a remarkable meeting with a mystery teacher, a lady called Isabelle. Remy describes his train journey to Paris, their clumsy encounter, his uncomfortable playing of a single bar for her. They eventually ended up talking for hours - about his passion of music, why he wanted to play and what he was looking for. It was only on the train back home that he he realized Isabella's message- the inspiration is already inside, patience is all that you really need.

At his next visit to Isabelle, Remy finally finished the piece he was hoping to play for her. But the piece was no longer a piece, it had become music. Today he played that exact same piece of music that opened up his eyes at a silent Stadsschouwburg.

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