8 Years of Tony & Ziva || Everything by smedegaard3105   6 years ago

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This video is dedicated to the 8 beautiful years that we've had so far with Tiva.
I kinda wanted to tell their story through a video, but it was hard to fit it all in, so I'm sorry for the plot lines that are missing. The first part of the video is in somewhat chronological order (when it comes to the seasons)
This video is really long, and it has taken me almost 1 and a half month to do it, but I've also been pretty busy with my exams. And I'm really sorry but I probably won't upload anything within the next two months since I'm leaving for vacation this Friday, and I won't be back until August. But I promise to start again as soon as get home. If you have any suggestions for me, please leave a message for me.
When I uploaded my last video I had less than 2,000 subscribers, and now I'm above 2,500 and I REALLY appreciate it. It means the world to me. Also my last Tiva video was retweeted by Michael Weatherly, so that was just amazing. Thank you everyone.

The song is called Everything by Lifehouse

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