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Train your brain with these amazing riddles on escape that will leave you stumped! Pay attention to small details and finding the right answers to these tricky riddles and quizzes won't become a problem for you! Solving riddles every day exercises your brain and helps improve your logical skills. Let's see how good you are at solving riddles!

00:14 - Wake up your brain with this fun riddle on logic that will test your ability to think outside the box :)
01:53 - Which way should he choose? Test your logic and intelligence with this tricky riddle!
03:03 - A tricky logic riddle only a genius or a psycho can crack (so you're unlikely to get upset if you fail, huh?). Anyway, this brain teaser's going to boost your logic and make you think outside the box so it's definitely worth trying. Have you found any other ways out of prison?
04:14 - Amazing picture riddle to test your logic once again! Look at the picture, where is the prisoner hiding? The clue (a massive one) is right there in front of your eyes, just spot it and find the criminal!
05:14 - Where is the jailbreaker? A set of visual riddles to test your attentiveness and train your vision!
06:26 - A short fun logic riddle with a simple answer for you to get a break and relax before solving next difficult riddle.
07:42 - The policemen were chasing a serial killer. Help them to find him! Where is the criminal hiding? Boost your intelligence and logical skills with this tricky riddle!
08:32 - This is probably the hardest riddle with the simplest answer I've ever seen😅 The solution is so simple that you just never pay attention to this possibility. Turn on your imagination and thinking skills and you'll probably be the first to crack it among all people I know!
09:47 - A creepy crime puzzle with an answer that will freeze your blood! Only cold minds will easily solve this difficult brain game!
11:31 - If you want to boost your attentiveness check out this short visual brain teaser! Try to guess which teacher escaped from prison!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS what kind of riddles do you like most of all!

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