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In this video we will compare the size of many as 30 snakes and compare it to Steve Irwin’s height
This video is a special tribute to the legendary Steve Irwin(1962-2006)

Barbados threadsnake,
Belcher’s Sea Snake,
Yellow Bellied Sea Snake,
Death Adder,

Philippine Cobra,
Blue Krait,
Tiger Snake,
Dubois's Seasnake,
Russell’s Viper,
Eastern Brown Snake,
Inland Taipan,
Diamongback Rattle Snake,
King Brown Snake,
Indigo Snake,
Dark-spotted anaconda,
Coastal Taipan,
Olive Python,
Black Mamba,
Boa Constrictor,
Papuan python,
Indian Rock Python,
Yellow anaconda,
Cuban boa,
King Cobra,
Burmese Python,
African Rock Python,
length of snakes,
size of snakes’
Green Anaconda,
Amethystine Python,
Reticulated Python,


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Size Comparison of Snakes (Animation)

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