2 Ways to Build a Candy Dispenser by SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science for Kids   10 months ago

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0:10 - How to Build a Candy Machine Using Cardboard and Hot Glue
11:55 - How to Build a Candy Dispenser out of LEGO

Are you looking for the mind-blowing party ideas for kids and family? Well, look no further! This episode of Slick Slime Sam features the ultimate hits of the party, the dream of any sweet-tooth kid come true, the unforgettably sweet and unapologetically awesome candy machines! Watch jelly Slime and his pet human Sue build the best "entertainment units" for kids of all ages, make it yourself using the simple DIY tutorial and make your guests say "WOW"! Surprise LOL Dolls? Hatchimals? Forget it, these candy machines will be the one thing everybody will be talking about!

Slime Sam is really hot. Like really melting kind of hot! He is looking for a solution but nothing seems to do the trick... Until he invents the candy machine. What, you never heard that candy are the best when you are hot? Then you better watch the video right now!:) Especially now that you know it ends with an epic candy shower for Sam!

For this candy machine you will need:
- a pencil
- a ruler
- a paper knife
- cardboard boxes
- your favorite candy
- candy wraps from your favorite candy:)

11:55 - Slick Slime Sam TASTES THE RAINBOW
Sue got all zen on Sam and is no more a reliable candy supplier. Sam is a little worried and... Oh, who am I kidding, HE IS A TOTAL MESS! There's got to be a way for him to have a 24/7 access to candy! What is it? Sue, of course, has a solution. She is going to build an automated candy dispenser entirely made of LEGO!

If you like sweets as much as Sam does you will definitely like these simple and cool crafts. They're super easy to make, fun to play with and will never leave you hanging! It's funny and useful handcrafting activity for every student of kindergarten, elementary school, primary school, middle school, high school, boarding school or even a college! Give it a try and thank us later;)
Share your creations and experience in the comments!

Watch the video for detailed instructions and measurements. If you are a kid and making it by yourself ask an adult to help with a knife and hot glue. Safety always comes first;)

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