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吳苡嫣是台灣首位獲選躍上太陽劇團之音樂家,並獲選為新台灣之光100。加拿大McGill 大學音樂系畢業,專攻爵士鋼琴。 2010年製作發行跨國爵士專輯「爵士零時差」。被譽為「魔力系演奏家」的吳苡嫣,從小就讀音樂班,展現驚人的音樂天份。小學時,曾三度獲選為台灣代表,赴新加坡、印尼、泰國參加亞太兒童創作曲發表會。並 獲全國公開組電子琴比賽第一名。國中時,獲全國雙簧管比賽少年組第一名,中市鋼琴比賽少年組第二名。高中時,獲中市青少年雙簧管第一名,山葉鋼琴協奏曲大 賽青少年組全國第二名。並以雙簧管主修考取北藝大音樂系,成為該屆雙簧管唯一錄取者;同時,也以鋼琴主修推薦甄試第一名,考取輔仁大學音樂系。2002年 獲得蒙特婁音樂營國際鋼琴大賽第一名。2004年,考入McGill大學音樂系,專攻爵士鋼琴。並以兩年的時間修完學分,提前畢業。從小的經歷,造就吳苡嫣音樂風格的多元性,演出型態橫跨藝文及娛樂,創造無可取代的魅力!2010年,受NSO邀請與日本配樂大師 "久石讓" 、世界歌神Andrea Bocelli及Hollywood配樂大師 "George Fenton" 巡迴音樂會中,擔任鍵盤樂器演奏。2011年,接受"潮人物"雜誌 "台灣極致手藝"系列人物專訪。與DJ劉軒於時尚電音派對中演出。並於王若琳創作專輯 "The adventure of Bernie Schoolboy"擔任編曲。

Amanda Wu is a multi-faceted pianist and composer who has an extensive background in both classical music and jazz. Her various musical styles include interpreting and composing pieces of jazz, classical, electronica and a hybrid of aforementioned elements. From an early age, she has revealed her passion and a natural talent for music; and since attending a formal music school at the age of 7, she has become a frequent first-place winner at musical competitions. At the ages of 8, 9 and 12, she was chosen to be the representative of Taiwan to perform her compositions in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. From age 11 to 18, she won multiple championships in piano, oboe, and electronic organ in national Taiwanese competitions. In 2002, she won the championship at the Montreal International Music Camp Piano Competition. In 2003, she arrived in Montreal to study music technology and jazz at McGill university, where she completed a 4 year undergraduate program in just 2 years. In 2008, she recorded the classical tracks for the National Theater of Canada. In 2010, She produced and released her Jazz debut album, "Jazz without Timezones". She has also played with NSO for the concerts of George Fenton, Andrea Bocelli and Joe Hisaishi. She also performs electronica music at various popular night clubs in Taipei. Amanda Wu has, without question, created a very unique musical charisma and presence.

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