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A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, John Hunter is a gifted and award-winning teacher and educational consultant who has dedicated his life to helping children realize their full potential. He has combined his teaching and artistic talents to develop unique teaching programs using multimedia software in creative writing and film courses. He traveled and studied comparative religions and philosophy throughout Japan, India and China.
Why listen to him?
This teacher and 'citizen of the world' designed the 3-floor World Peace Game for primary school kids, to explore the connectedness of the global community and the imminent threat of war. The children become world leaders themselves with the ultimate goal to achieve World Peace. At the same time, they learn how to live and work comfortably in the unknown.
The award winning documentary 'World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements' follows John and his nine-year-old students as they respond to an ongoing series of military, economic, and environmental crises. As one of them testifies: "I'm living what the ancient General Sun Tzu said! I'm winning these battles and so I'm kind of going into battles, even more battles..."
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