Music For Hang: Davide Swarup at TEDxSalford by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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Davide Swarup is a leading Italian percussionist and one of the world's leading pioneers of the "Hang" Drum. The "Hang" is a percussion instrument with melody invented in 2000 by PANArt, an evolution of the steel pan. Family name "Hand pan". It is produced by the two inventors, Sabina Scharer and Felix Rohner, in a limited production in Bern.

Davide went to India in 2000 and discovered his skills in drumming -- and he listened for the first time, the Indian santoor, live! He returned to Italy but came back to India in 2002 to buy a santoor and decided to become a musician. In March 2005, a friend of his introduced him to the "Hang" and he fell in love with the instrument. His first three years were a full intense solo playing to discover the instrument and develop his touch. He hasn't stopped since. He has become one of the leading pioneers of the "Hang" and has toured several continents performing live around the world. He will be giving a full blown performance of the "Hang" at TEDxSalford 2.0.


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