Rebounding from bad outcomes: A formula for resilience | Janet Allen | TEDxIdahoFalls by TEDx Talks   4 years ago

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Mindful risk taking is essential to a fulfilling life. However, much of what is emphasized on the subject of ‘risk taking’ reinforces the notion that we must ‘face our fears’ so we can see how irrational our fears are and that they rarely materialize. Unfortunately, we sometimes come face to face with the very (bad) outcomes we were fearful of in the first place. Then what? Resilience is the key to coming back from disappointment, pain, rejection and failure.

Janet has been a professional mental health counselor for the last 25 years. She owns a own counseling clinic where she serve as The Clinical Director of Mental Health Services. She works primarily with adults who present with a variety of issues and conditions. Some of these include depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, grief and loss, couples counseling and sex addiction.

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