Why I'm willing to give up life on Earth to live on Mars | Christian Ohlendorff Knudsen | TEDxAarhus by TEDx Talks   2 years ago

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Christian presents the Mars One Programme, and shares his personal motivation -along with some sustainability perspectives - for exploring and exploiting space as well as colonizing Mars.

Christian Knudsen is one of the 100 candidates from around the world selected for a one-way trip to Mars. In 2013, 200.000 people registered for the astronaut selection procedure by the Dutch non-profit organization “Mars One”. Thus, outside his work as a systems engineer, Christian spends his spare time is pursuing various Mars-related projects, such as growing plants in a homemade window-garden, based on simulated Martian soil, complete with a 3D-printed irrigation system. He also breeds mealworms and spends time reading about the raw materials available on Mars and how to utilize them once he is there.
“I’m hoping, by means of this TEDx talk, to shed some light on how space and colonization of other planets, can help further the development of human society, both on a technological level, but also when it comes to the social and motivational aspects of our society”—says Christian.

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