Batman: Arkham Knight any% easy speedrun in 2:41:37 (WR) by Feanorus   1 year ago

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Overall mediocre run but without big failures. Massive frame drops in some parts.

Main story, easy difficulty. Glitch warning.

Besides a few minor optimizations, the new strats compared to previous WR by Psychotik are the following:

• A fight skip on the second radar at 1:14:50 (with a little corner cover zip on the way, more of a show-off than a shortcut). Using explosive gel in a precise position above the console clips Batman through the floor; then getting into a cover by the closed gate allows him to peek outside and grapple to the next building.

• Zipping out of bounds and the Batmobile warp at 1:42:15 – if Batmobile falls into water, it spawns on surface and loads the overworld no matter where you were previously. Unfortunately, i didn't dive "into" the Batmobile properly and wasted a few seconds figuring out how to repeat the glide. Notice that Batmobile was put in this very convenient position over 20 minutes ago, at 1:20:50, by turning on remote control in a certain area.

• Port Adams skip, starts at 1:46:10 and naturally means that we visit Port Adams subway one more time than needed, but by doing that we activate a glitch that allows to exit the repaired Batmobile and skip a tank battle;

• Right next we skip most of the stuff in the subway and glide to the very end (1:52:05) where the top of the area intersects with a tunnel on the surface, which allows us to call batmobile there.

• 2:22:50 and 2:29:40 – two new zips using GCPD reset point, with another Batmobile warp on the second one.

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