These Stupid Mistakes With Money Forced Me To Sleep In My Car by Stylish Dad   1 month ago

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Your 20's are a time where you're able to learn and grow, and especially learn how to handle and manage money. There's a few things that I wish my teachers and even my parents would have told me about money when I was in my 20's because if they did then I wouldn't have had to sleep in my car as a result. One of the biggest things is learn to ask stupid questions. The questions in and of themselves aren't stupid, but the fact that you're asking them way later than you should be is. Ask about things like Roth IRA's and retirements and 401ks and even the stock market. If you're waiting for a financial windfall to happen in order for you to be able to retire then I've got some bad news for you.

Also, learn how to budget. I know everyone says that, and they're right, you should. I worked in the service industry for a long time and servers get paid every day, so I never really learned how to manage or save my money very well because I didn't really need to. I could go into the weekend needing to pay my rent on Monday and not have any money on Friday, but I could double all weekend to get it, and it worked. But that's a one track path to just barely being able to make it through life.

The last thing I wish I would have learned was to be able to afford my car payments AND to be able to maintain my car. I had an Audi S4 and it was the worst car that I've ever owned. The number of things that went wrong with that car is too long to list. Now the biggest problem is the fact that it cost so much money to repair, and I couldn't afford it. Had I bought a car that was relatively cheap and reliable, then I wouldn't have had that problem.


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