BTSOUND VS MERCEDESZ HENGER - Boomerang (STER Remix) by Ego Italy   9 months ago

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“Boomerang” is the new single from BTSound in collaboration with Mercedesz Henger, daughter of Eva Henger with half million followers on social media who studied acting since she was young and then performed in Martin Scorsese and Jerry Calà films. Top 50 Viral Chart Italy on Spotify, it’s an italian song perfect for summer reworked by Ben Dj, after his new single “Se Levanta” on EGO.
It’s time now for three official remixes produced by italian djs and producers Mastro J, Rino Sparacino and S.T:E.R. who give a club shape to the original version, ready to be played now on the dancefloors!

#ego #newmusic #mercedeszhenger

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