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Here we are, the final version of my end of season video. It’s taken a huge amount of work over the past 8/9 months, but I’m really happy to bring you all the final edition and I have enjoyed the responses to watching the video.

I would like to state that none of the footage or music in the video belongs to me, but I do not profit from making the videos. All footage belongs to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Many people have got in touch with me regarding the production of a physical DVD of the video, owing to the fact the club are not producing an end of season DVD. Such are the copyright rules, I’ll have to look into whether there is any possibility of me sending DVD’s out to those who are interested. If it was possible, It might be a nice idea to donate any profits towards Cure Leukaemia.

Here is a list, in order of appearance, of the music throughout the video:

Now We Are Free - Hans Zimmer
Arrival To Earth - Steve Jablonsky
Cornfield Chase - Hans Zimmer
After The Fall - Nick Phoenix
Sons of Odin - Patrick Doyle
Protectors of The Earth - Thomas Bergensen
Own Worst Enemy - Blake Neely
Time - Hans Zimmer
Mombasa - Hans Zimmer
Primavera - Ludovico Einaudi

Thanks for watching!

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