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ITS SPOOKY SZN! I am no pro at special fx makeup but here's my take on a glam Freddy Krueger! Comment, like, and subscribe or else I'll be in your dreams!

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Products used:
Mehon Liquid Latex
Morphe 35M palette
Araceli Beauty Jalisco Eyes Palette
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Stila Liquid Lipstick "Rocco"
Italia Liquid Liner
Lashes: D108,searchweb201602_0_10084_100031_10083_10130_10547_10546_10887_452_10307_10548_532_204_10618_10065_10068_318_10059_10103_10884_10696_10545,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=ff082c7e-579f-46f2-bad1-0730501aeaf1&algo_expid=ff082c7e-579f-46f2-bad1-0730501aeaf1-2

Hat & Glove:

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