Metamaterials and The Science of Invisibility | John Pendry | TEDxImperialCollege by TEDx Talks   3 years ago

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Ah, invisibility, that holy grail of physics and invention. In this stimulating talk, Prof John Pendry shares with us a history of the science of invisibility, and some exciting prototypical invisibility cloaks that have been made so far.

Prof. Sir John Pendry is a professor of theoretical solid
state physics at Imperial College London and is one of
the pioneers in the field of metamaterials. These are
engineered materials with properties not found
anywhere in nature. He is most well known for his work
on the “cloak of invisibility.” He has been awarded
numerous awards such as the Newton medal for his
research and in his talk, Prof. Pendry will tell us about
the science of invisibility.

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