BobBlast 219 - "Turkeys... I Got A Lot of Them!" by Robert Burridge - BobBlast   10 months ago

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Turkeys - I Got A Lot of Them!

We all have them! You know, the painting just didn’t go as planned… I lost the concept… I got distracted… the colors got muddy… I went too far… Even when I knew it wasn’t working, I kept painting on it. Sometimes it looses its spontaneity and freshness. Whatever the reason your painting isn’t working, stop! Just stop.

Yes - I have a pile of turkeys in my studio! I have a choice to either cover up the entire surface with a coat of white acrylic gesso, or treat this turkey as an under painting and go in a completely new direction! I have to keep the attitude that the turkey has just not worked… yet!

This is a great warm-up exercise to keep loose in the studio. These are my stretching exercises. I am stretching my attitude, my problem solving, my sense of play and improvisation. Might as well practice the play and improvisation on these turkeys - they certainly can’t get any worse!

Don’t hold on to the old concept - establish a new concept for this new painting. Go through all the Cs - Concept, Composition, Color Combination, Commit to the first 4 Cs. Then, reestablish the colors, the light and shadows, the composition.

Work Fast and Keep it Loose.

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