PUBG: Top 10 Easter Eggs by Posa   4 months ago

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In this video i showcase the top ten easter eggs in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds.

Easter eggs can be hidden secrets or references to pretty much anything.

They are fun to find and explore.

Special thanks go to Yato- who helped me record a lot of the scenes in this video as well as to reddit r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS).

Credits to reddit users for easter eggs as i found them in reddit threads:

- Leif_Tv (GG tech silencer)
- rainyy77 (Scar-L skin)
- beglee (beta map)
- HandSoloShotFirst (F2HNK)
- Viktorous (I hate school)
- VeryDoge12 (A Secret)
- R3pti11ian (Golden treasure)
- ababyoctopus (Golden treasure)
- ChrisfiftytwoFirst Aid (Golden treasure)
- flanderrr (Golden Treasure)
- godlyfury (Golden Treasure)
- Blashemer (Golden Treasure)

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