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Since Microsoft was founded, an area of the Amazon rainforest nearly the size of Texas has been destroyed in Brazil. The vast majority of that rainforest -- up to 80% in recent years -- was turned into cattle pasture. But today it is ranchers who may ultimately save the Amazon. John Carter, a rancher originally from Texas who moved to one of Earth's wildest frontiers in the mid-1990's, placed himself amongst ongoing battles among Indians, loggers, developers, squatters and police. Through his non-profit conservation organization, Aliança da Terra, John is working on an idea that could turn ranchers from the biggest drivers of deforestation to the saviors of the world's largest rainforest. http://www.aliancadaterra.org.br/

We chose the TEDx name Alcatraz because of the sense of mystery that Alcatraz invokes. It is a mythic place of opposites, dualities, and polarities: it has held dangerous criminals, and also been a site for cultural revolution when indigenous peoples assembled and occupied the island in the late 60's. Did an inmate ever escape from Alcatraz? And what becomes of it now as it has transitioned from a prison into a national park? And how has this transition changed the symbology of Alcatraz as an icon in the American consciousness? Our plan is to again be on land in 2011 as we plan for a 2012 TEDx event on Alcatraz Island itself. We're looking at, as a target date, the night of December 21, 2012. We'd have ferries to return home in case the end-of-the-world calendars are wrong.

We kicked off at Temple Nightclub in downtown San Francisco on December 1, 2010. The evening began at 8PM after a three course dinner, and went until nearly 1AM, as an evening some described as an intellectual rave, or as "TEDx after-hours". TEDxAlcatraz Curator Gregory Miller and Co-curator David Gurman introduced the evening's theme, "A Suspension of Disbelief" to an invited audience of 180 optimistic & big thinkers of the nocturnal kind. That night, Alcatraz was part of the theme, and we sought a set design and look & feel of being out on the Island. Our nine TEDxAlcatraz spoken talks were peppered with live music reminiscent of the days Johnny Cash performed in old San Quentin. Music in the night from The Waybacks' James Nash, The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, TED Fellow Iyeoka, Scottish cellist Peter Gregson, fiddle extraordinaire Alisa Rose, and London's DJ Mikey Four. Over the evening they performed Bittersweet Symphony, Masters of War, Birdsong, All Along the Watchtower and Russell County Gorge. Our speakers and performers arrived the day before, coming from London, Scotland, Brazil, Boston, New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles, and included five TED Fellows.

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Video produced and directed by Gregory Miller & James Nash, with Galen Oakes. TEDxAlcatraz opening trailer by Android Jones, James Nash, Alisa Rose, Peter Gregson & Gregory Miller.

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