Top Fuel Dragster Helmet Cam - Phil Read 1/4 mile nitro pass by Stu Greaves   8 years ago

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Phil Read Elimination round 1 at Perth Motorplex, Jan 29th 2011. 1/4 mile. Supercharger blows off and yet another fireball in the second half of the pass.

And watch this please :
It's long, but it's super loud in the middle if you want to jump ahead : Heaps of super slow-mo nitromethane action, tyre-shake, engine explosions - really worth seeing if you like NITRO.

By the way, Phil's next pass was more steady and much faster - 311mph (501kph) in a virtual dead heat with Phil Lamattina. 4.806 vs 4.808. Eliminated by two thousandths of a second.
Thanks for watching everyone.

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