Why you should never trust a TEDtalk: Daan Windhorst at TEDxBreda by TEDx Talks   6 years ago

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TED Talks: are they a force of good or a force of evil in the world? The last few years have seen a significant rise in TED-talks. Almost every topic you can think of has been tedded. Except maybe the TED-talk itself. Satirist Daan Windhorst aims to prove that TED talks are dangerous and analyses the often overlooked, but very real dangers of ideas and optimism.

Regarding Daan Windhorst
Daan Windhorst (1990) is a playwright and satirist. In april of this year he gained attention by pretending dutch crowdfunding initiative De Correspondent was an april fools joke, but that hoax was in itself a hoax. Now he writes satirical pieces for De Correspondent, as well as for the current affairs theatre show De Orde van de Dag and public broadcaster VPRO, amongst others.

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