Sinigang Na Isda by Kainang Pinoy   1 year ago

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Kainang Pinoy now has the recipe for Fish Sinigang or Sinigang Na Isda for you to see. Enjoy watching at tara na pong kumain!!!
See ingredients with measurements below.

Ingredients: 1 Kg Fish (Grouper or Lapu-Lapu) (Cleaned and Gutted), 2 Pc Medium Size Shallots (Sibuyas Tagalog) (Diced), 2 Pc Medium Size Tomatoes (Chopped), 7 Pcs String Beans (Cut into 2" Sizes), 10 Pcs Okra, 1 Pc Medium Size Raddish (Labanos) (Peeled and Sliced), 1 Pc Medium Size Eggplant (Sliced, Soaked in Water), 3 Pcs Long Green Chilies (Siling Pangsigang), 3 Bunches Mustard Leaves (Mustasa) (Washed and Trimmed), 1 Pack 40g Tamarind Soup Base Mix Powder, Salt and Water to Taste, 8 Cups Water

Servings: Good for 4

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