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Join us as we devour Hungarian food at our favorite restaurant (Kék Rózsa Étterem - The Blue Rose Restaurant) in Budapest, Hungary sampling Goulash and some of our other favorite dishes including appetizers, mains, wine and dessert. Typical Hungarian cuisine is often hearty meals and this meal in particular really fit the stereotype as it was heavy in carbs and potatoes featuring rich meats, local wines and decadent dessert. All in all this is what we had for our lunch in Budapest, Hungary:

1) Goulash - Gulyás (Hungarian traditional soup)
2) Villány Kuvi (local dry red wine - also try Egri Bikaver)
3) Local bread basket
4) Lángos (Potato scone pancake)
5) Pörkölt (Hungarian beef stew with potatoes)
6) Somlo - Somlói Galuska (sponge cake with ice cream)

Kék Rózsa Étterem (The Blue Rose Restaurant)
Address: Budapest, Wesselényi u. 9, 1077 Hungary
Hours: 11:30AM–10PM (daily)
Phone: +36 1 342 8981

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Hungarian Food - Eating Goulash and our favorite Hungarian cuisine in Budapest, Hungary Travel Food Video Transcript:

Well hello from Budapest and welcome to yet another delicious food video. Today we're going to be trying Hungarian food and if there is one dish you can't miss it is Goulash (gulyás). So we have ordered one goulash (gulyás) but we've also ordered a beef stew to go along with that because apparently the goulash is more soupy. So we're going to be comparing those two dishes, the red wine is already here. So cheers. And let's wait for the food to arrive.

Okay, so we're starting off with a dry red. This is called a Villány Kuvi and apologies in advance for butchering Hungarian names.

So apparently the word Goulash it used to mean herdsmen so this is a dish that used to be prepared by the herdsmen and now it is kind of like the national dish. You find goulash (gulyás) at almost every single restaurant. Yeah. So let's dig right in.

And this looks amazing.

Okay,, so we ordered a little appetizer. I believe this is called Lángos. And it is basically a potato scone with garlic. So I'm just going to bite right in.

Hungarian potato scone pancakes (Lángos). Mmmm.

So this is basically more like a beef stew (Pörkölt). This has like a looks like to have a thick hearty type of sauce gravy on top of it and then over here this appears to be potatoes with parsley and other ingredients.

So we have having something I believe it is called Somlo (Somlói Galuska) it could be pronounced differently that is how it is written. But it is basically a sponge cake with whipped cream and ice cream (Somlói Galuska) and it has chocolate drizzled over top and rum. And walnuts. Oh wow.

So it is time for price point. It is a little bit sad because that meal was just so good. One of those things where you don't ever want it to end. We'll be coming back. We absolutely will be coming back. I actually think we'll be do another food video here. The food was that good.

I think we'll come back again. But anyways in terms of price point it was 6020 Forent which is 20 Euros and that was excellent value because this is what we got. We had two soda waters, two glasses of wine, two mains, an appetizer to share and a dessert to share. So for 10 Euros per person we can't go wrong and what I really liked about this restaurant was that the focus was on the food not on the decour. It kind of had that like bodegon type of feel that you find in Argentina where it is kind of rustic inside, very traditional. Traditional kind of like family restaurant.

It locally is called uh Kék Rózsa Étterem but in English you call it The Blue Rose Restaurant. And man that this was a find. We will definitely be back and uh yeah if you are in Budapest, Hungary and you're looking for a good place to have traditional Hungarian food highly recommend this spot. This was wonderful.

This is part of our Travel in Hungary video series showcasing Hungarian food, Hungarian culture and Hungarian cuisine.

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